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Make sure that you are a member of a biblically sound church whose practices embrace the marks of faithfulness: handling rightly the word, the sacraments, and the practice of church discipline.

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Just like the demand for freedom by slaves in the past resulted in more discrimination by the slave-owners, homosexuals faced the same vicious circle.But a recent Supreme Court ruling, which Arnold Sansone cited in her opinion, has given renewed hope to some conservative advocacy groups seeking to overturn bans on conversion therapy.The Diocese who issued an apology.And the best way for Gods people to say no to unbiblical reflections of personhood and intersectionality is to say yes to biblical hospitality.

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    the Eulenburg scandal and the Wandervogel movement are less successful. In the fall of 1935, the Nazis put in place a more draconian version of anti-homosexual law Paragraph 175.

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